State of Utah Financial Disclosures

*Important Information for 2024: Registration for 2024 will begin December 15th, 2023 at 11 AM (MST)

‚Äč- To register for 2024, find the unpaid invoice in the "To Do" list on the My Folder tab.

State Lobbyist Resources:
Helpful documents and links:
- FAQs
Decision Tree: Inviting Public Officials to Your Activity
- Study guide: Ethics
- Study guide: Workplace Harassment & Discrimination

I want to: 
- Cancel my license
- File a report (log on and click Financial Ledger)

Local & Education Lobbyist Resources
Helpful documents and links:
- Local Lobbyist FAQs
Decision Tree: Inviting Public Officials to Your Activity

I want to:
- Report expenditures
  Create a username, then register as a lobbyist by clicking on the Create Entity tab.
  Once your account has been registered and approved, you can log on to enter expenditures and file a report.

Public Resources / Search Tools:
Summary of Lobbyist Reports
Lobbyists by Organization (client)
- FAQs
- Local & Education Lobbyist FAQs
- Glossary of Terms: State Lobbyist Disclosure & Local Lobbyist Disclosure
- Lobbyist license cancellation form

To view financial disclosure information for candidates/officeholders, PACs, PICs, corporations, and parties, click here.

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